Air Conditioner Repair Staten Island New York

Air Conditioner Repair Staten Island

Air Conditioner Repairs can cover a multitude of issues.

1) Refrigerant leaking – refrigerant leaks are most common in air conditioner issues. However, locating them can be a challenge, which is why you need to call a professional to address such a leak. A compromised refrigerant can lower your systems performance and lead to numerous other problems.

2) Compressor – the compressor is tasked with pressurizing the refrigerant to exhaust any heat within your system. It has an independent  motor and and complex electrical wiring configuration. Only an experienced technician can identify the problem and then remedy your air conditioner repair on Staten Island.

3) Fan – your air conditioner usually has two fans. That would be the blower, and the condenser fans. The condenser fan removes heat from your unit while the blower vents out the cool air into your dwelling. Belts, loose blades and mechanical motor issues are usually the culprits with fan problems. Regular check ups and maintenance plans are recommended for a healthy AC System.